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This article presents a list of United States states sorted by their life expectancy at birth and by race/ethnicity in every state where the population of that racial or . LIFE EXPECTANCY - 10,000 ROUNDS. WHAT ARE THE CONDITIONS OF THE 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN? 1 - MAGAZINE TUBE FILLED, ROUND IN CHAMBER, . Sep 26, 2016 . When you are 70 years old, you are bound to have some medical problems, so I am not sure why the media and the public is making a hoopla . Find the average life expectancy for each country and the world. As of 2014, the country with the highest life expectancy is Monaco at 89.52 years; the country . Dec 8, 2016 . American life expectancy is in decline for the first time since 1993, when H.I.V.- related deaths were at their peak. But this time, researchers can't .